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LED Lighting

Posted from Eco-story's website;

The benefits of LED lighting as a solution are so powerful that many customers are initially skeptical about the product and what it will do.
LED lighting in and of itself is not new, but its application to replace traditional incandescent and halogen lighting is very recent. Eco-story has been on the forefront of developing LED's to work in commercial market applications such as restaurants, hotels, retail, galleries, and casinos. If you have tried and been unsatisfied with CFL or LED lighting in the past we urge you to try our product and compare the color and light output with your traditional lighting. We are very confident you will ask yourself why you did not install our lighting sooner.
Eco-story and Lighting Guru is working together to bring you this quality, long lasting savings for your solution.

LED bulbs offer up to:
  • Up to 90% energy reduction compared with traditional lighting.
  • 40,000 to 50,000 hour bulb life compared to 1500 hours averaged with halogen and incandescent lighting.
  • Easy installation with screw in and MR16 bases: No costly retrofitting is required.
  • No mercury or other harmful substances as is found in fluorescent lighting.
  • Tax credits available for installation cost.
  • Custom Manufactured to your lighting needs: Kelvin color, beam spread, and light output.
  • Return on Investment of 1.3 year on average.
  • System-wide bulb replacement qualifies as a capital expenditure.
  • Highest quality of light on the market: Our light quality is better than traditional lighting.

Energy Savings

Saving $28,906 is as simple as replacing 100 light bulbs.



Lamp Desc PAR 20

Lamp Life 1,500 40,000
Lamp Price $5.95 $50.00
Lamp Wattage 50 4.9
Annual Operating Hours 5445 5445
Labor $ per Relamp $0.00 $0.00
Average Electric Rate/Kwh 0.1 0.1
Total Number of Lamps 100 100

Annual Lighting Operating Costs

Lamps $2,159.85 $680.63
Labor $0.00 $0.00
Electricity $2,722.50 $266.81
Total $4,882.35 $947.43

Estimated Savings for Alternative Lamps

Annual Savings
Simple Payback in Years
Return on Investment (ROI)
Energy $ Saved Over Lamp Life
Savings Over Lamp Life
Annual Energy Savings in Kwh